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I have joined the Bandcamp community. Here you can find my latest productions.

The Buchla Suite – A Handcrafted Tribute To Morton Subotnick

The Buchla Suite – A Handcrafted Tribute To Morton Subotnick was released on October 30, 2023 by the Berlin-based label Jazzwerkstatt.

Stefan Schultze Large Ensemble – Handcrafted Tributes

Celebrating the collaboration with electronic music & modular synthesis, the Stefan Schultze Large Ensemble will host its own festival Handcrafted Tributes with Max Loderbauer, Rabih Beaini, Oxana Omelchuk, Florian Zwißler, Elena Kakaliagou, Richard Scott, Michael Vorfeld, Els Vandeweyer & Eliad Wagner from November 16-18, 2023 at Boerne Studio Berlin.

Jazzfacts Deutschlandfunk

Listen to Thomas Loewner introducing two upcoming releases by Stefan Schultze Large Ensemble and Schultze Ehwald Rainey, recorded and co-produced by Deutschlandfunk, Cologne.

Stefan Schultze Large Ensemble – The Levels

The new album is out. For more info click here.


While the new album of STAMP with Tomasz Dąbrowski, Peter Ehwald, Andi Lang & Moritz Baumgärtner is in the works we are looking forward to a concert tour in April this year.

Schultze Ehwald Rainey

We are very happy to announce that our second album with Schultze Ehwald Rainey - Seven Whites has been released by Jazzwerkstatt. In June we will play concerts at Unterfahrt and A-Trane among others.

Stefan Schultze Septet

I am really happy to announce the release of the septet recordings Turbalento with Herb Robertson, Helen Bledsoe, Frank Gratkowski, Holger Werner, Robert Landfermann & John Schröder.

HKB Bern

Since fall 2020, I'm a member of the faculty at Bern University of the Arts, Switzerland: www.hkb.bfh.ch.
As the director of the Master’s program for Music Composition / Contemporary Jazz I'm looking forward to working with the students.


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